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Strategic balance sheet management is critical in this competitive retail environment. PSS helps customers create a shortened, reliable supply chain specifically tailored to their needs. The result? They can cut back on how much they invest in inventory and infrastructure for handling materials. Both short and long-term assets can be converted to cash and those resources can be redirected to other areas that differentiate their business.

Our customers face a challenging economy - they must grow revenue even as they deal with continued pressure to keep overhead costs and margins low.  At PSS, we understand that challenge; our retail partners count on us to help them succeed. Here’s how we do it:

Category management

PSS sales and marketing teams provide product and category expertise, specifically designed for each of our retail customers. We combine an intimate knowledge of each local market with industry best practices to meet the unique needs of each customer. The result: retail sales growth and improved inventory management.


Our merchandising staff can design the proper planogram for each of our retail customers, and then implement that plan in their stores. This is a proven approach, generating significant and sustained sales growth for our retail customers.

Operational excellence

When companies select a supply chain partner, the decision often comes down to operational performance and compatibility. This is an area where PSS distinguishes itself from the competition, particularly in the areas of fill rate, order delivery time, accuracy, and IT flexibility/strength.


Product Knowledge (PK) training of retail staff can determine whether interaction with a customer results in a sale, or missed opportunity. PSS is a partner  in our retail customers’ internal training efforts. Our sales team has the optimal mix of product knowledge, tools, and resources to help our retailers take advantage of every sales opportunity in their stores.

Regulatory compliance

Increased oversight from local, state and federal government is a reality for retailers of paint and related products. PSS offers a growing set of compliance solutions that help our channel partners manage risk and operate responsibly within their communities.

Financial Impact

The financial benefit of working with PSS is proven every day with our retail customers. In a nutshell, we can turn our customers’ overstock inventory into cash. At the same time, by taking full advantage of our sales and merchandising teams, PSS customers are able to drive down their costs of operations. The bottom line? PSS improves our customers’ financial performance.

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