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Manufacturers' lifeblood is being able to meet retailers' demands and needs across a wide spectrum of market segments and locations. To pull this off, they need flexible distribution strategies that will move products through the supply chain quickly, efficiently and accurately. PSS gives manufacturers exactly that.

Paint Sundries has created a specialized suite of integrated technologies to manage the flow of product upstream and downstream, allowing:

  • Real-time visibility of inventory levels.
  • Precise shipment tracking with electronic notification.
  • Rapid feedback and monitoring on inbound shipments.
  • These capabilities result in an industry-high 98% fill rate for our diverse customer base.

State-of-the-art technology in the field allows our sales force to use a full array of product demonstration videos and in-depth training seminars, developed in partnership with our product suppliers.

Our single-point-of-contact management system for chain accounts ensures responsive program management - giving us the power to quickly apply internal or external resources as needed to achieve specific end-results for our customers.

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