Logistics Solutions

At PSS, we use metrics and analytics to measure our performance and eliminate variation up and down the supply chain.

We love complex challenges.

PSS shines when the supply chain riddles are more complicated. Thanks to our proven systems and capacity to adapt, we can provide manufacturers and retailers with targeted logistics services, ranging from simple order fulfillment to complex inventory management solutions.

We adapt quickly - and help our customers do the same.

Through a culture of continuously improving our processes, PSS has developed a highly adaptable logistics platform. By meeting the specific needs of both upstream and downstream customers, we can improve the speed and predictability of product in the supply chain.

Location, location, location.

Our strategically located distribution centers give us the ability to offer next-day delivery to the majority of our retail customers.

We think proven performance means measuring.

Metrics, analytics and statistical process control are just some of the tools we use to monitor and track every aspect of the supply chain.

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