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Paint Sundries Solutions provides unique, profit-driving solutions that create added value for our customers. These solutions cover key areas of the business including logistics, technology, finance, compliance and more. We work hard every day to help our customers improve their GMROI and grow their business.

Retail Solutions

Strategic balance sheet management is critical in this competitive retail environment. PSS helps customers create a shortened, reliable supply chain specifically tailored to their needs. The result? They can cut back on how much they invest in inventory and infrastructure for handling materials. Both short and long-term assets can be converted to cash and those resources can be redirected to other areas that differentiate their business.


Manufacturer Solutions

Manufacturers' lifeblood is being able to meet retailers' demands and needs across a wide spectrum of market segments and locations. To pull this off, they need flexible distribution strategies that will  move products through the supply chain quickly, efficiently and accurately. PSS gives manufacturers exactly that.


Logistics Solutions

At PSS, we use metrics and analytics to measure our performance and eliminate variation up and down the supply chain.


Technology Solutions

As a business partner, we embrace our role in the supply chain by providing an IT platform that delivers on-demand access to information, products and services.


Financial Solutions

We understand the importance of the bottom line, and we believe our ability to improve the balance sheets and income statements of retailers and manufacturers alike has been the most significant factor in our company's success. PSS' strongest partnerships have been forged with organizations that share our focus on financial performance.


Compliance Solutions

Increased regulation and oversight from local, state and federal government is a reality in today's business landscape. PSS offers a growing set of compliance solutions that help our channel partners manage risk.


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