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We understand the importance of the bottom line, and we believe our ability to improve the balance sheets and income statements of retailers and manufacturers alike has been the most significant factor in our company's success. PSS' strongest partnerships have been forged with organizations that share our focus on financial performance.

Effective use of assets is achieved through strategic balance sheet management, a critical element of a company's financial strength. This demands shrinking a company's investment in current and long-term assets.

Current assets:

We help our customers drive down their inventory levels, through a shortened and reliable supply chain tailored to meet their specific needs, PSS customers turn overstock inventory into cash.

Long-term assets:

Our business partners can cut their investment in long-term assets –such as warehouse space, material handling equipment, storage racking and trucks – again allowing our business partners to put that investment to work elsewhere in their organizations. In addition to strategic balance sheet management, successful organizations maintain a razor-sharp focus on practices that improve their income statements.

Increase revenue:

PSS maximizes our customers' sales by designing the right product mix, eliminating out-of-stocks and providing merchandising support and training.

Expense reduction:

By partnering with PSS, our customers are able to reduce administrative expenses, financing/carrying costs, shipping costs and inventory obsolescence.

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